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August 3, 2016
Sunset from Mississippi River at Motorcycle fundraiser
Road Guardians 18th annual River Run for ASM Save money – book now! Road Guardians hosts an annual event to raise funds to benefit Accident Scene Management. Accident Scene Management is the largest Motorcycle Trauma training organization in the world! The non-profit organization has trained over 30,000 people since it started in 1996. It maintains...
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Accident Scene Management Singapore
Welcome Accident Scene Management-Singapore On July 2nd, Accident Scene Management added a 6th country to its list of countries. Our training follows a path that can be acclimated to any country or sport. Its simple: PACT & ABCSS of Trauma™. We are proud to announce that Accident Scene Management, Australia has added Accident Scene Management, Singapore....
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People drinking water to prevent heat stroke
Melissa Juranitch – Motorcycle Marketing Specialist As riders we face many dangers on the road. Luckily, there are also many preventative measures we can take against them. In the summer when temperatures soar, it’s easy to become dehydrated without realizing it. Learn how to recognize overheating danger signs to stay safe while riding. Everyone is...
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Motorcyclists hits deer
Motorcycle Fatalities by Deer are Higher in 2016 Provided, with permission, by ABATE of Wisconsin It’s the perfect ride; quiet country road, smooth pavement, picturesque scenery and the hum of the road. Just the motorcycle and the country; an escape from the stress and business of life. Suddenly a deer appears out of nowhere and...
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