Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


November 16, 2017
Prehospital Emergency Care
The role of a bystander in critical incidents is often underestimated. We all know that learning CPR is important because immediate intervention when a life threatening cardiac arrest occurs gives the victim the best chance of survival. This is also true for other critical life threatening events such as traumatic injuries. Whether Roadway crashes or...
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Motorcyclists hits deer
Written by: Melissa Juranitch,  MSF RiderCoach Motorcycle Marketing Specialist When the leaves are changing, deer are more active. Here are five fast facts that you NEED to know as a motorcyclist on the road. Because deer collisions are so prevalent in Wisconsin, we are using Wisconsin Statistics and resources. Keep in mind that these tips...
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Crashed Motorcycle
The following account was submitted by one of our students who completed Accident Scene Management Training Spring 2017. Just a few months later her training was put to the test. “Let me start out by saying, Always bring your first Aid Kit!” I almost didn’t bring it with me, thinking that our Road Captains would...
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