Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


March 26, 2021
hannah stockton
Hannah bought her first motorcycle in 2019, a 2017 ninja 300 for the street. She had been wanting to participate in track days so she picked up a second ninja 300 to be her dedicated track bike! Hannah is an ICU Registered Nurse at one of the larger area hospitals in her area. While in...
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Bridget Matz
Bridget works at her local Fire Department in Illinois. She has been around motorcycles her whole life. Her dad is a collector of bikes even though he hasn’t ridden one for 29 years. Bridget has a medical background of 4-1/2 years in a 911 call center, she has been an NREMT since 2015 and is...
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Gina Woods
Gina is best known as host and co-creator of Open Road Radio, a 23-year talk radio program on everything motorcycle that is based out of Chicago and hits platforms like Facebook LIVE & You Tube to make it global.  She created XX Chromes – All Women Bike Builders, a team of motorcycle mechanic gals who...
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