5 to 55 is the number of minutes it can take to get professional help in a emergency situation.
Because in the event of a critical situation, our actions and reactions in the first few moments can mean the difference between life and death, it is critical that the general public is trained in proper response. Not only is is important from the standpoint of proper medical care but safety issues such as traffic control, assessing the situation to determine what help will be needed and making a good emergency call can have a huge effect on outcomes.
Accident Scene Management Training is the key to filling the gap between when a situation occurs and when professional help arrives. Don’t delay! Preparation is the key. One eight hour class is all that is needed to prepare anyone to confidently react in a way that will make a difference.
As one student told us:
“Yesterday I put my Accident Scene Management training to good use. There was a motorcycle accident following a Veteran Charity Run with lots of people there trying to help but also moving the injured person. I took over, immobilizing his head which made him to stop moving around and eased his pain. His tib/fib were totally fractured and his leg looked like Joe Theisman’s (football) did when he fractured his lower leg. What surprised me was how much my help was needed even after the EMS arrived. My knowledge of motorcycle specific trauma helped. As they were going to CUT his chaps off. I jumped in and unsnapped & zipped for them. In addition, one of the fire crew told me to stay and continue holding his head which made me feel good – I was helping and that they could see that I was doing a good job. THANKS for the knowledge”.