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ASM and Road Guardians Websites Merge!

ASM and Road Guardians Websites Merge!

Goal: To reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists.

Help us achieve our goal by: 1. Joining the Road Guardian Program 2. Get Trained.

October 26, 2011
Accident Scene Management, Inc. (ASM) and Road Guardians Merging into Road Guardians Brand
Road Guardian Membership modified to include anyone who supports motorcycle safety
The Nationally Recognized Leader in Motorcycle Trauma Response, Accident Scene Management will be merging
websites with their Road Guardians Program. ASM launched Road Guardians (RG) in January of 2010 to provide
a more comprehensive look at motorcycle safety. The Road Guardians Program that provides Resources,
Rewards and Recognition to its members used the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS) to identify six
educational areas that work collectively to achieve ASM/RG’s mission: “To Reduce Injuries and fatalities to
motorcyclists through education”.

Road Guardians is internationally received as a logical way to approach safety and foster a culture of Life Long
Learning in Motorcyclists. Road Guardians gives motorcyclists a way to be involved, by providing Resources to
find additional safety education, Rewards by way of over 1200 discounts and Recognition with patches, pins etc.
to show that they are a supporter of Motorcycle Safety.

Road Guardians will now be the Leading Face of the Non-Profit Accident Scene Management, Inc. ASM will
concentrate on it’s curriculum, training instructors and managing classes. Road Guardian Members will provide a
base of volunteers and supporters who can help us improve our National Crash Statistics by encouraging
motorcyclists to always look for areas of improvement and to work toward development and implementation of a
Best Practice Model for surviving motorcycle crashes.

“We are announcing a change to Road Guardian membership,” stated Vicki Sanfelipo, Executive Director. “Many
people understand Road Guardians and want to join our cause in promoting a more comprehensive approach to
motorcycle safety. We are changing membership rules to include anyone who want to support Road Guardians
mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists and their very successful focus. Previously, to join Road
Guardians, one had to complete ASMI training. This criteria has been eliminated. With over 18,000 motorcyclists trained in ASMI First Response skills, registrations continue to increase at an unprecedented level”, Vicki Shared.

To join our efforts and learn more about Road Guardians: Visit

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