Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Allan Cruet, EMT-B – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Alan Cruet PicAllan has a varied professional background in training and course development, including managing training organizations, and training management. His first “damage control” experience was through submarine service damage control training. Since then, after being tasked with first response to many incidents over the years, he vowed to be trained versus helpless in those types of situations. Through Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) experience (where I trained trainers for FEMA) he further internalized his skills through drills. Allan is so committed to improving his first response that he completed his EMT-B training and National registry examination in June 2014.
Allan is a State of Nevada Motorcycle Safety Coach. They say “those who can’t do it teach it”, but he claims to be “battle-tested”. Allan says: “In all of my years of teaching, I never forgot what it was like to relate to those who are learning for the first time”. He enjoys teaching and loves to make it fun to learn.
Allan’s Motto is: If you think education is too costly, try ignorance! To contact Allan for a class, fill out the form online.


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