Allstate Insurance Promotes Motorcycle Safety

Look-signWhen I met with Allstate insurance several years back our conversation started with an explanation of their “Platform”. The said that they wanted to be involved in projects that would reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. They were looking for real life opportunities to make this happen. They were looking for opportunities to earn the business of motorcyclists and not just sell them insurance in the event something happened but to let them know they really cared. I was impressed but these were just words. Did they want to hear what I had to say? Would they put into practice what they were preaching? Would this approach last more than 6 months before a different “platform” would emerge? I am proud to say that I have been working with Allstate for 5 years now, 4 years of writing safety related articles based on my 30 years of experience riding and 19 years of Directing what has become the World’s Leading Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization.

I’m impressed. Not only has Allstate stayed true to their mission but they have worked, through many means, to educate riders and car drivers about motorcycling. They have launched a campaign called the ONE campaign. One stands for Once is Never Enough.

ONEThe campaign:

  • Encourages drivers to look twice
  • Produced and worked with communities to place signs at high volume intersections when motorcycle rallies were taking place.
  • Sends a representative to talk about how they can help and promote the campaign together when asked
  • Give out free static stickers that say “Look” for business doors, car windows and other ways to repeat the message
  • Give out free T-shirts at the Allstate Rider Protection Zone at rally’s to promote awareness with slogans like “Look Twice”,  “Look Hard” and more.
  • Are in the midst of sending a motorcyclist, Nate Hudson, across the USA on a motorcyclist to all 50 states, arranging for him to meet with and deliver a formal request that a question be added to all state DMV driver’s tests stating that drivers should “Look Twice”.

AllstateRFA-Trenton3Nate Hudson, will be riding 17,000 miles in 111 days. He owns and operates a small motorcycle shop in southern California names BA Moto. Click here to learn more about Nate. You can follow Nate’s journey that started and will end in New York City by bookmarking this link: At the bottom of the page you will find a map with a route of where he has been. You will also find a daily updated location, number of miles and how many of the 11 days he has ridden. Nate is posting pictures along the way on Instagram and is watching Twitter for inspirational messages along the way #rideforawareness.

While you are checking on Nate, be sure you sign up for your free Allstate Rider New Acct. You will find many helpful tools and articles written by leaders in the motorcycle industry. Rubber Side Down!

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