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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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ASM Certified instructors are in one word “Overacheivers”!

VIMG_5000-2ASM/Road Guardians is so proud of the quality instructors they have. Recently, instructors have been trained in New York, Texas and Florida. Because teaching is truly a labor of love we know that the reasons a person chooses to teach this program are because they want to make a difference in their part of the world. I would like to introduce you to one of the people who stepped up to be trained in New York.  William (Bill) Black. Bill has been married for 38 years. He has 2 children & 2 grandchildren. He served in the United States Air Force as an Airborne Electronics
Warfare System Specialist, 6944th Security Wing, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE, Kadena AFB, Okinowa Japan, Mildenhall RAF, England, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. In his spare time Bill operates a Ham Radio & enjoys Scuba Diving. What this tells me about Bill so far is that he LOVES LIFE!!!!

When I asked why this talented man chose to teach Accident Scene Management classes to his fellow riders he said: “When I was asked to take the Accident Scene Management course and become an Instructor I was thinking what can this person who has never ridden in the back of an Ambulance teach me about Motorcycle accident scene management. When Vicki “Spitfire” started the class I was greatly surprised at the content of the course. Vicki has
put together a very well thought out course for the Lay Public and the Professional. I have been teaching some of those things in the EMT/Paramedic classes I teach for years as extra’s that I have added. I have also taught some of the techniques in the course to local clubs for years. But having it all put together in one Nationally Recognized Course is a definite plus. The course is very well organized and teaches techniques that anybody can do.

Bill has been riding for 30+ years. He started out Hill Climbing and dirt biking on a CZ400. Since then he owned a 1975 Kawasaki and a 400 Triple but his favorite bike is the one he owns now, a 2006 Goldwing! His favorite ride is the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway from the top to the bottom. He belongs to the GWRRA and is one of the founding members of the NY Chapter The Knights of Life which is a motorcycle club that consists of Paramedics, EMTs,  Nurses, Doctors and allied health personnel. I was impressed to learn that Bill had worked for EMS textbook publications like Brady Publishing, Jones and Bartlett Publishing and Pearson Publishing as a Chapter reviewer
and content specialist on various publications in the Pre-Hospital arena. Subject areas range from Patient  Assessment, Toxicology , Pediatrics and EKG. I was one of the contributing Authors for the NAEMT EPC (Emergency Pediatric Care) course and I do lectures on Pediatrics to EMT classes. I am also a contributor for the current NAEMT AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support) course. Now I know that these are a lot of initials for a Lay Person but what it means is that he really knows his stuff 😉2014-03-24_Bill
How does he know all of this? Well he worked for 33 years as a Field Service Engineer in the Computer Industry, 25 years as a Paramedic in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a UMBC Critical Care Transport Paramedic. He has spent over 30 years as a AHA and Red Cross CPR Instructor/Trainer
with 25 of those years as a AHA ACLS, PALS, NALS Instructor/Trainer, NAEMT PHTLS and AMLS Instructor, AAOS PEEP Instructor, GEMS Instructor and National Safety Council CEVO II & III Instructor.

I know what you are saying right now: STOP, stop with all of the initials! Why would someone like this want to teach Bystanders? This accomplished individual knew about this training because he works with Christine Firehock from American Driving School and Kickstart Motorcycle Riding school. Bill has been teaching Emergency Vehicle
Driving courses for 20 year (Ambulance and Fire apparatus). He was the also the Faculty Advisor/Director/Instructor of the on Campus EMS Squad at Vassar College for 10 years and worked closely with Athletic Trainers in sports injury prevention and re-hab.

When I asked Bill why he would bother to teach this program he remarked: “I look forward to teaching this Course along with all the other courses I teach, but I think that this one will be my favorite because in combines my 2 favorite things, Motorcycles and teaching. I feel if I can teach someone how to save a life it makes my chances of
surviving a Medical or Accident event greater.”

To contact Bill you can e-mail him at or call his cell at 845-206-2401. To find instructors in other states: Click Here. Don’t see an instructor in your area? Many of our instructors travel. You can call  call 262-7-6-3278 and we will give you a hand finding the right instructor for you!

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