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NEW Student: If this is your first time taking ASM classes, you will need to complete the hands on portion of our class in order to complete your certification, however, when that option is not available, an online course will give you good information.

Refresher: For those who are currently certified (have completed hands on certification within the past two years), this course will satisfy the every two year “Refresher” requirement to maintain your certification.

ASM Basic & Advanced class Blended Learning (BL) certification:

As of July 1st, 2018 there are no pre-requisites to taking the Basic Online Class. The Online Advanced Class includes the Basic class since it builds on PACT & ABCSS as well as other techniques learned in Basic. In order to be eligible for certification you must take the Basic Class Online and then, within 6 months, you will need to complete a 3-4 hour hands on Blended Learning (BL)  class in person with an ASM certified Instructor. You will be required to show your online certificate when you take the hands on class (you will receive this automatically in PDF form when you complete the online portion). Patches and CEUs are only offered to those who complete both the online AND the hands on class.


After completing a Blended Learning class or a full ASM class and getting certified it is recommended that you complete the online class every two years to maintain your certification. You can take another hands on class if you would like which is recommended so that you can practice but it is not required in order to maintain your certification. If you are taking the online Advanced class as a refresher, there is no need to purchase the online Basic class too.

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You will have one month after purchase to complete your Online course. The online classes can be completed in as many sessions as you wish. Expect 1.5- 2  hours total to complete the training in full. We recommend that you have the following items handy so you can practice along with the training:

  • A full faced helmet
  • Gloves, gauze, roll gauze, triangular bandage, pen, PACT card.
  • Optional: (if you have it) tourniquet.

Once you have completed the course you will automatically receive a PDF of your certificate of online course completion. This should be printed and taken to your hands on course.

Note: Once you pay for your class, your browser will automatically return you to the online course ordering page. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link.

Basic ($35.00)

Learn what to do in the first 5-30 minutes after a crash until professional help arrives. PACT and ABCSS of trauma are taught in order to help you prioritize tasks. Traffic control, moving the injured, assessing the situation, contacting the EMS, Treatment of Injuries which includes helmet removal, jaw thrust rescue breathing, bleeding control, shock and spinal motion restriction (SMR)

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Advanced (Coming Soon)

Learn how to be a leader at a scene and work side by side with the EMS: advanced airway, roadside medical concerns, assisting the EMS with extrication, recognition and treatment of injuries, femoral traction, detailed head to toe assessment, one person helmet removal and how to recognize critical incident stress.