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Are you a motorcyclist?  Do you know someone who is?  Would you (or they) know what to do in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle crash?  Would you know how to keep your spouse or your buddy alive and safe until EMS help arrived?
Mr. D. J. Dryer, the Safety Manager for the 402nd Field Artillery Brigade at Fort Bliss, El Paso asked the same question.  His role at Fort Bliss is to assure that all soldiers who are motorcyclists for the two brigades he supports (402nd FA BDE and the 1st Army) have the requisite skills and training to be safe and in a state of readiness to conduct their missions.

My husband (Jimmie “Tyke” Barham) and I received a call back in June 2013 from Mr. Dryer to learn more about the Bystanders Assistance Training and how they could bring the program to Fort Bliss.  That conversation was the genesis for a journey for us that would prove exciting, humbling, and rewarding all at the same time.

I attended the accident scene management class  and less than a month later, I had to use some of the knowledge I had learned there.  I was our on a ride when I encountered a motorcycle accident involving a man and his wife. I didn’t see the accident happen; however, another rider saw it happen and waived for me to stop. I parked my bike at the side of the road, and turned on my 4-way flashers. I then got out the emergency pack and remembering what we had been taught about handling victims, I also kept my leather gloves out.The victim coughed and then start breathing. She regained consciousness immediately.  I knelt beside her, and did a quick visual evaluation. I asked her if she was feeling pain, and she responded my tailbone. I told the woman who was a nurse to support her head and neck, and she did appearing to do it correctly. Next I asked what happened, she kept repeating he walked out in front of us, I don’t know why, and we hit him. I asked who walked out she said that man lying over there. I almost panicked, I immediately rose up and asked out loud, is there another victim on the ground around here?

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