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On July 2nd, Accident Scene Management added a 6th country to its list of countries. Our training follows a path that can be acclimated to any country or sport. Its simple: PACT & ABCSS of Trauma. We are proud toASMI Singapore2 announce that Accident Scene Management, Australia has added Accident Kevin SmithScene Management, Singapore. Due to the hard work and dedication of Phil Lemin and Jo Fischer, a class was taught and a new instructor, Kevin Smith, was trained. ASM-USA has an instructor, Charlie Magee, who is in Singapore as well and will be working with Kevin Smith as he continues to set up the ASM program for ongoing training. The first class had 26 students with a 2nd class offered just 4 days later. Singapore joins Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa and, the USA in offering Accident Scene Management Training. ASM world headquarters is located in Big Bend, WI and is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Have you learned how to help a fiend? Have they learned how to help you?  If not, sign up today.