ASM Trains 5 New Instructors

ASM Trains 5 New Instructors

Here we are, ready to serve you!!!

ASM Trained 5 new instructors this Fall! Jeff Crotzer and Michelle Inzunza from Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas traveled to Wisconsin to take instructor training. They have their first class on the schedule already! Michelle is a Flight Nurse and Jeff is the Safety Officer for this HOG chapter. Jim Kelley from Massachusetts retired after a long career in Emergency Services. Goldie Freeman from Massachusetts has a long and interesting history of avid motorcycle riding and is eager to serve her riding community. Jeri-Lyn Mancini is an RN from Maine who is excited about mixing her passion for medicine with her passion for riding.

Our instructors are all motorcyclists who look forward to teaching you how you can reduce injuries and fatalities in the event one of your friends or loved ones needs your assistance. One day is all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life. We have many pages of stories re: how people have made a positive difference when needed at a trauma scene. Are you trained? Is your group prepared?

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