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Assisting Instructors and Course Assistants

What are the rules regarding Course Assistants? Can they Teach? What is an Assistant Instructor and what is the difference? There are two documents in your instructor files that deal with these terms. The document called Duties and Responsibilities of a Course Assistant is located in the Misc File Folder. Essentially it says that you can have someone come to help you with the logistics of the class. That person can help watch people do skills but they can not teach! They are not recognized as an ASM instructor and they have not signed a contract with us. You, the Lead instructor, are responsible for that person so being sure that they are properly monitoring skills and are not getting in front of the class to teach is extremely important. An assistant instructor (also known as a Level Two instructor), is certified by ASM by going through the same process any instructor completes that allows them to teach ASM classes. They can do anything a lead instructor can do including setting up classes. The only thing a Level Two instructor can NOT do is teach alone. There MUST be a Lead instructor present for the duration of the class. A Leave Two instructor does not come to us with the medical knowledge necessary to be a Lead instructor, however, they can advance to Lead Instructor after teaching a number of classes under the guidance of a Lead Instructor who can recommend them, in writing, to the ASM office for advancement consideration. There is a document in the Misc File Folder called Instructor Descriptions that explains the levels as well as advancement.

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