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Tips to Avoid Dehydration While Motorcycling
More Sound, More Power, Less Money Part 3
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Tips to Avoid Dehydration While Motorcycling

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Many motorcyclists don’t factor in the dangers of dehydration when going out on a long ride on a hot summer’s day. There could be many reasons for this, but one has to be that many riders don’t see riding their motorbike as a strenuous sports activity, like football or a workout at the gym for example. The act is that many variables exist that affect motorcyclist while out on the road, and these can combine to make dehydration a serious and potentially lethal problem.

Why Dehydration Affects Motorcyclists

There are a variety of reasons why dehydration affects motorcyclists. One reason is the way the sun’s heat is absorbed by the asphalt you ride your motorbike over. This heat emanating from the ground will heat you up too, and the hot air rushing past your face can make you feel like someone has opened the door to a furnace. When you combine this with the affect the sun has on heating you up directly, dehydration can set in quick.

It’s a catch 22 when it comes to shedding layers to keep cooler over keeping them on to stop direct sunlight beating down on your skin. Keeping them on means you’ll feel hotter underneath your layers, and most likely sweat more. Taking them off exposes your skin to UV rays, and often you’ll feel cooler because of airflow around you. The problem is that even though you may feel cooler, the sunlight is literally sucking the moisture out of you and frying your skin.

Possible Consequences of Being Dehydrated

The consequences of dehydration while driving a motorcycle can range from simply having to stop for water to losing control of your motorbike and having an accident. The longer you leave it before hydrating yourself, the more likely you will suffer from severe heatstroke. Heat cramps in your legs and stomach are a common initial symptom of dehydration, and if you feel these you need to pull over fast, because they won’t stop until you get some water inside of you. Heat exhaustion is likely to set in if you don’t stop for water, and you’ll soon feel dizzy, weak, and tired. Your control of your motorbike will get steadily worse, and there is even the possibility that you will faint while riding. The final stage of severe dehydration is heatstroke, and at this point you will likely need to be taken to a hospital for recovery. You may feel intoxicated, and will experience a rapid heartbeat along with fast breathing. Riding will become very difficult so you may have already pulled over, but riding your bike is the least of your worries now. Confusion and black outs are common, and if proper medical attention isn’t sought heat stroke can lead to death in rare cases.

How to Keep Hydrated While on a Ride

Keeping hydrated is best done by using natural methods, and you can find a list of the best foods and drinks to keep you hydrated at this WebMD article. Don’t try to combat the effects of dehydration and subsequent tiredness by taking cheap synthetic drugs that claim to keep you awake, like ephedrine for example. Buying this type of medicine online is not a good idea, because it leaves you susceptible to the danger of counterfeit medicines, which will only add to your problems while out on the road. If you really want to use something extra to stave off the effects of dehydration, then the benefits of hydration electrolyte replacement tablets could be of use to you. Adding a tablet to plain water will infuse it with added vitamins and electrolytes like sodium and potassium, without adding the sugar and carbohydrates found in many sports drinks.

Things to Remember

If you do find yourself suffering mild symptoms of dehydration, try soaking your first layer of clothing, like a thin cotton t-shirt, in water and putting in back on with your jacket over the top. Your body will absorb water as you ride, and it should make your body feel cooler. Also, use your common sense when out riding your motorcycle. Of course try to avoid riding during the hottest parts of the day, but if you do make sure you take regular stops along the way. Use these pit stops to get out of the sun, so sit in the shade and drink water. Dehydration can be a killer, so make sure you’re not a victim.

Lily writes on behalf of a healthcare provider. Prevention is definitely better than the cure, especially when it comes to a glass of water.





August 2012 Newsletter: More Sound, More Power, Less Money Part 3

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This is the final part in our stage-one project. Now for a quick recap. In part one we discussed slip on mufflers. In part two we learned about EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) modifications. In order to get the most out of those additions, you need to allow more air to flow through the intake and into the firing chamber. There are several ways to do this, so lets gear up and find out what we can.

The amount of air that moves through the intake is measured in C.F.M. (Cubic Feet per Minute.) Disposable paper filters flow at a rate of 300 or less C.F.M. With most aftermarket high flow air filters you can flow as much as 900 C.F.M. These rates are generalized and can vary with filter sizes, air box design, and intake styles. So how do you improve the flow rate of the stock intake and air filter assembly?

Option 1: Put a high flow air filter like K&N into the stock air box. K&N offers stock replacement filters for almost all makes and models of bikes. These filters can simply be put in like a stock filter. The prices of these filters are usually under $100.00. This is the
easiest way to gain 1 to 4 horsepower.

Option 2: K&N RK Series of filters and replacement housings. This set up uses the stock air box cover, but not the stock housing (a new back plate and velocity stack is in kit). The RK series costs around $200.00. You will gain 4 to 7 horsepower by installing this unit.

Option 3: The next step up is the K&N 63 Series Air charger kit. This is the cone/pyramid shaped filter set up with 360 degrees of exposed air filter. This set up does not use the stock housing. The Air Charger kit costs around $400.00. With this set up you can expect gains of 9 to 13 horsepower. If this is the kit you choose, remember to purchase the cover for the filter for rainy weather.

There are many other brands of replacement air filters out there, but they almost all variations on these three. I do not get paid by K&N. I have only used them as an example because I know the most about them, and I am very happy with their quality. The ultimate goal is to allow more air to flow into the engine. There are oiled high flow filters like K&N and dry high flow filters. I prefer to use the oiled filters, as they can stop dust and debris better than a dry high flow filter. There are a lot of myths and rumors about using an oiled filter like K&N, and I will dispel the most common of them:
1. Installing K&N air filter should not void your factory warranty (check with your
dealer to be sure.)
2. No a high flow filter like K&N cannot give you engine too much air. Your
engine will only take what it needs.
3. Yes a high flow filter like K&N is emissions legal, unless you are installing the 63
Series Air Charger (check with local laws to be sure.)
4. No a K&N oiled filter will not hurt your mass air sensor to fail.

There is another advantage to using a K&N style oiled filter, it will last for the life of your bike! You can clean and re-oil a K&N filter with their special soap and oil (costs around $20 for the cleaner kit). Please note that exact horsepower ratings depend on many variables and will vary on each bike. Over all the complete stage one set up will make your bike run cooler, faster, better, more efficiently, increase power and torque, and make you smile a little wider each time you twist the throttle. All in all the complete stage one can give you more power and more sound less money than you think.

Like I always say, every one has opinions. I urge you to do your own research and make the most educated decision you can, you wallet and your bike will thank you for it.

I will see you on the road my friends.




August 2012 Newsletter: Member Savings

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August 2012 Newsletter: Funny Ending

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