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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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AZ Offers 680 ASM Student Grants

Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)’s mission since the beginning has been to educate the public on safety and awareness and help reduce crashes and fatalities in Arizona. As of June 2022, AMSAF has added a new scholarship program to help with their mission of educating on safety and awareness, with a program called Accident Scene Management (ASM), offering financial assistance to provide students a reduced cost.

Teresa has been an instructor with ASM for over 13 years, and she shares that it’s important to highlight how the Motorcycle Safety Foundation funds are being used, as every state has been given these. She’s proud to share that working directly with the ASMAF and its new scholarship opportunity will allow for more riders to become educated and experienced.

Teresa McClelland



  • Fill out the AMSAF Accident Scene Management application (
  • Pay the $50 scholarship fee.
  • After the fee is paid, you will receive an email with your AMSAF ASM Scholarship Code
  • Register for your class.
  • When signing up, in two comment fields enter AMSAF in the 1st field and in the 2nd field enter the AMSAF Scholarship code.
  • Review the information in your Accident Scene Management payment receipt email and print a copy of the email receipt to present to the AMSAF ASM Approved instructor when you show up to register for your class. If any information is not correct, contact the AMSAF support team at
  • Do not delete your Accident Scene Management donation payment receipt email until you have taken the class.

You have 30 days from the date on your Accident Scene Management donation receipt email to register and complete the class. Due to grant requirements, this AMSAF ASM code becomes void after that date, unless an exception is approved by the Executive Director of AMSAF.


  • The basic class must be obtained with in 2 years of taking the advanced class.
  • Certification for both classes is good for 2 years.
  • Age requirement is 16 years.

If you are in Arizona area, make the investment in yourself and your riding community as many have done with motorcycle safety and accident scene management training. Check out what classes are available next:

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