Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Charlie Magee, OET – ASM Lead Instructor


Charlie has been an avid motorcycle enthusiast since he was age 14.   “It just gets in your blood and you love to ride through the great outdoors!”   Charlie and his wife (Kim) are currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa on assignment with his wife’s company, Cola-Cola.   Previously, we lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  We are both American citizens from Laramie, Wyoming seeing the world.

Currently, we ride our 2013 Harley CVO Ultra Classic with the Johannesburg H.O.G. Chapter and our goal is to cover all 9 South African provinces this year.  Our adventures take us to some very remote and beautiful places.  Having first aid skills and being well trained in outdoor emergency care is essential.  “Distances are quite vast, and you could wait quite a long time for an ambulance.  Plus, you never know what level of ambulatory care might show up.  Ambulances in South Africa are privately owned and severely underfunded.  They range from simply a means of transportation with a gurney to some with full EMT equipment including oxygen, backboards, medications, etc.  Services just aren’t consistent or like what you’d see like in other parts of the world.”  In South Africa and other 2nd/3rd world countries you must be ready for anything.

Part of the year, Charlie is also a Professional Ski Patroller from Laramie, Wyoming.  First Aid for ski injuries is very similar to first aid for the motorcyclist.  You need to be ready to use your own first aid kit and be very self-sufficient.  The injured person is outdoors, usually far from an urban center, and likely has a serious muscular skeletal injury requiring bandaging, splitting or in some cases, much more severe traumatic injuries.  As a Ski Patroller, our training relies on The National Ski Patrol’s “Outdoor Emergency Care” body of knowledge and contains most of the DOT EMT skills but replaces some urban environment training with self-reliance and individual skills essential for outdoor emergencies.

Prior setting out over 3 years ago internationally, Charlie ran his own company and taught Project Management in the USA as well as had multiple positions with Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, and Teradyne.  He has 35+ years of management consulting and project management experience to share as well.

Charlie is available for classes world-wide.  He may be reached at +27 76 691 7346 (Johannesburg cell) or in the USA at 770-446-0876 (worldwide voicemail).  Shinny side up fellow riders!

To contact Charlie, click here.

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