Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Colleen M. Vetere, RN, MPH – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Colleen Vetere has been an avid motorcyclist since the early 80’s and over the years has owned motorcycles of many makes and models. Her current bike is a 94 Harley Davidson Road King on which she has ridden over 125,000 miles. Her primary biking passions include long distance, cross-country travel and she has taken many such trips over the years.  A Registered Nurse by training, Colleen has worked in a variety of clinical and consultative settings over the past 25+ years.  Her clinical experiences include emergency rooms and intensive care units in hospitals in Austin and Houston TX.  She also served for ten years in the U.S. Army Reserves, Army Nurse Corps and was an assistant professor in the healthcare management programs for a couple of university settings.  Colleen is a member of AMA, HOG, and Road Guardians and a former MSF Rider Education Coach.  She has been teaching the Bystander Assistance Classes since 1999 and is now also one of ASM’s Instructor Trainers for the USA.

She can be reached by filling out the form online.