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COVID-19 & Motorcycling

COVID-19 & Motorcycling

Author: Vicki Sanfelipo, RN – Executive Director ASM

Photo Credit: Priyajit Singh


In just one month our world has spun upside down. These are uncertain times and we are with you all in mourning the loss of our freedom, our business of saving lives, and even some of our friends have been lost. Because most of our instructors are healthcare providers, they have been thrust to the front line of this pandemic to care for people in ways no one could have imagined. The things we hear are that some healthcare systems are overwhelmed while others are waiting, watching and counting their PPE in hopes of having enough personal protection in the event their community is next. The future is uncertain. When can everyone go back to work? No one seems to know the answer about time. How LONG will this take? One month was not too bad but two months or maybe more? For motorcyclists the thoughts that weigh heaviest on our minds are: Can I ride my motorcycle? Are all of the motorcycle events this summer going to be canceled? All can share is my opinion. As a disclaimer, this is my opinion only and you have a right to yours too.


States may enact rules that prohibit you from riding but in my opinion, that is absurd! Riding itself has suddenly become one of the “Safest” activities we could engage in.

Maintain a six foot distance
Outdoor activity
Face Mask
Only stop for gas
Fewer cages on the road to run me over
No unnecessary trips (every trip is necessary for my mental health)


Now I’ll admit that it’s a bit sad that we may have to give up some of our events for this year so that we can have more years to enjoy the ride. Also, being in the business of educating and reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists, this abrupt end to our teaching is taking a toll. Yet, I’m most concerned about you, my fellow riders. This too shall pass and the outcome is uncertain yet we have the perfect tool to help us survive COVID-19 2020.


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About the author

RN, Executive Director Accident Scene Management Author of "A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist" Co-Founder Road Guardians (with Chris Hawver) Co-Founder Diamond Posse (with Diva Amy Skaling) Co Founder Women In Motion (with Penny Berg) Wife of Tony Pan Sanfelipo, Daughter of Glen Roberts, Mother of 3 daughters and Grandmother of 6 granchildren!

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