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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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A medical pandemic is never planned

And this particular pandemic has caused quite the ruckus

The good thing is that motorcycle riding is one of the safest things you can do. Social Distancing at its finest.  This is also a good time to consider getting trained in Accident Scene Management. The safest way to get educated is by completing our online class from the comfort and safety of your home.

Will I learn the same things if I do a virtual class vs in-person?

Yes.  Everything that is taught in the traditional in-person Instructor-led class, is taught in our online class. While the online class will give you the same great information, getting certified requires practicing skills “Hands-on” with an Instructor so that you can return the demos and receive feedback.  This can be accomplished by taking an in-person or virtual hands-on class to complete your certification. Look for a 200 series class HERE.

What are your learning options?

    1. A traditional 8 hour fully Instructor-led class (online training not necessary). Class size is based upon space which must allow for social distancing. We follow the local rules and requirements regarding mask use. The possibility of an outdoor class exists but must be discussed with ASM or your instructors.
    2. With Blended Learning, a student completes a 2-hour online class and then attends a 3-4 hour hands-on session in person with a certified ASM instructor and other students. These classes are typically smaller in size. Once both sessions have been completed, both online and hands-on, the student will earn their certificate and patch.
    3. We now offer a  virtual hands-on class via zoom or another virtual meeting platform in order to allow a student to complete their certification from the safety of their home  These classes will be held live via zoom or another, virtual meeting platform, and will require at least one other person (willing pet) in a students household be present at times to help demonstrate skills. There are also supplies that will need. You can gather the supplies yourself ASM Student Virtual Hands-on Class Supplies or you can order supplies at

ASM class guidance during the COVID Pandemic

So what does it take to hold an in-person class?

The cost is dependent upon the number of students and location. The number of students is based on classroom space. We prefer 12-20 students in order for the class to make sense financially and that is mainly determined by whether or not there is an instructor in your area due to travel expenses and time off work to travel to a location. 12 students is a minimum in an instructor’s home area, and 20 students if travel is required. The typical cost of the class (which includes all course materials) is $99/student or $1200.00-$2000.00/class when meeting minimum class size requirements. For a printable step-by-step guide and detailed information, you can share with your group, click on Host a Class. If your group is willing to sign a contract to guarantee a minimum number of students we can often work something out after evaluating travel expenses.

Let us know if your group is interested in hosting a class in your area and we will help get you set up!  Have questions for us?  Fill out the form below and we will be happy to answer them
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