Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Dan Loughridge – Level Two ASM Instructor

Dan Pic

I have been riding motorcycles since 2007 and motorcycling continues to be a consuming passion of mine. I got involved with ASM training after experiencing two very close calls while on a group ride with friends in a remote area of Northern Michigan.  After those experiences, I started searching the Internet for training that was more advanced than basic 1st Aid but didn’t require formal medical training as a prerequisite. My research eventually led me to the Rescue Riders who then led me to ASM. I have completed Advanced ASM training certification and have been an active Rescue Rider for the last 3 years. I also have been serving as the Membership Officer of the Rescue Riders since 2013. When I’m not riding motorcycles or training to save lives I work as a High Voltage electrical/electronic engineer in the medical radiographic and CT imaging
industry. To contact me, fill out the form online.



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