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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Darren Mortensen – Lead Instructor

Darren MortensenI have been working in health care since 1991 as a Respiratory CarePractitioner specializing in Trauma and Adult Life Support. After 9/11, I quickly joined the National Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and I‘ m a Kansas K-SERV Healthcare Volunteer in the event of local or national disasters.

As a biker, I have been riding since 1985 and have had the fortune of touring some incredible places! These include most of the continental United States and Maui. I have also toured the South Island of New Zealand on a Gold Wing and throughout Ireland on a Royal Henderson with Sidecar. Locally, I often ride with the Patriot Guard Riders, having ridden too many missions to count. Since 2013 I have been providing ASM/Rescue Rider support for various charities and events.

Friends and family will tell you that I am all about having fun! My mantra is: “Life is an adventure and I am here to experience and share as much of it as I can!”In addition to riding my customized 2013 Honda Valkyrie, my passions include; playing keyboards, fishing, creating and building with my hands, spending time with family, and managing my own Custom Electronics Integration company.   To contact Darren, fill out a form online.