Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

David Cruz, Paramedic – Lead Instructor

David cruzI hail originally from NY, Long Island to be specific. I now live in Port Richey, FL. I got my M/C license and my first bike at 17 years old (1973). Three years prior to that I started volunteering at Nassau County Medical Center in the Emergency Room, as an Explorer Scout. Our adviser was the administrator of the hospital, which gave us special privileges. It was fantastic. I logged 2400 hrs. before I graduated HS. I got myself to and from the Hospital with a Jawa Moped. You could ride a 2 wheel vehicle that didn’t go more that 25mph legally without a license. You had to be at least 18 to become an EMT and to get a regular motor vehicle operator’s license, I was already on the Wantagh-Levittown Volunteer Ambulance Corps. In 1975 I became an EMTI at South Nassau Community Hospital in Oceanside, NY, which is what my level of practice is. In 1975 I added NY Firefighter to my skills, have been an instructor for CPR, First Aid and an EMT evaluator for almost as long. I have also been an evaluator at SOLO, a wilderness EMT training facility in NH. I have owned many bikes but currently ride a K1200LT BMW. In 2004 I became an MSF instructor, and have taught here in FL, NH, NYC, and MA. I believe very strongly in the ASM program and feel honored to now be an Instructor. In 1998 I was in a Severe Multi-Trauma Motorcycle accident and had it not been for the trained people who responded quickly, I would not be here. I believe that the more people who are trained the more people who can survive, not only for the Quantity of life, but the Quality of life. If we can make a difference I want to be a part of that. I am currently a member of West Pasco County Medical Reserve Corps and Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Also a Riders Edge Instructor and Rental Manager at Tampa Harley Davidson.

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