Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

David Spangenberg – BTPLCG (MSYL) – ASM Lead Instructor

David Spangeburg

David SpangenbergDavid enjoys challenges and to be part of his community. In order to do this, he is a veteran in law enforcement, Commercial Diver, Swim instructor, CPO and served with the NSRI as a coxswain, in addition to this he is a certified instructor for First aid and CPR.

As an Ambulance Emergency Assistant he had the opportunity to be able to help those in need, and also volunteered at various ambulance, and rescue services. At his training centre a major part is training First Person on Scene courses. The reason for this is due to all the various emergency scenes he attended and always found that if there was someone that was able to step up to the plate and start with emergency care the outcome could have been different.

His love for motorcycles started when he was with law enforcement when motorcycles became part of their roles and responsibilities. He was hooked and then further went on to own his own motorcycles. “When I did my 1st Road Guardians Course I knew I had to be part of this and started the process of becoming an instructor”

As part of the Gold Rand Chapter in Johannesburg he owns two Harleys of which one is a Night Rod an the other a Fat Boy. “It is a difficult decision to decide which one to ride on as the V-Rod is endless adrenalin and the Fat Boy is just a pleasure to ride”

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