Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Debbie Parinello, NREMT – Paramedic – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Debbie ParinelloI was introduced to motorcycles by my father at 3 years old, I have loved them ever since. When he would take me to school on his motorcycle I was always saying, “DADDY GO FASTER”, this lasted my entire life.

Over 20 years ago my husband and my best friend bought my first bike, a Honda 250. He is an awesome teacher. In no time I needed a bigger bike, I told him I was tired of shifting 2 to his 1 to keep up on my little bike.

In 1996 he asked what I wanted for Christmas, I thought about it for 2 seconds and replied, “Road Race Lessons”. I had to wait till July for my present, but it was well worth the wait. One week after class we were on our way to Chicago to buy my first race bike. I raced for three years and became the first woman expert road racer in Michigan. It was the experience of a lifetime. My husband was my wrench, he always taught me that the most important things were to ride safe, and finish the race. I did have my share of spills though. There is a saying amongst racers, “If you are not crashing you are not racing”. I must have been racing. During the 3 years of making the circuit with the Great Lakes Road Racing Association, I managed to cover 8,000 miles while negotiating 65,000 turns at an average speed of 75 mph. I missed judged 8 turns, which resulted in 4 concussions, turning my spine backward, breaking one finger, one foot, and a fingernail.

After our 4 kids grew up and left the nest, we decided it was time to take our life long trip. This was to ride our bikes cross-country. We bought our cruisers and off we went. It was an incredible adventure; we still have 3 states left to see.

I belong to the Women on Wheels Free Spirit Chapter of Michigan. I was introduced to Bystander Assistance at a seminar given by my fellow members and friends Tammie and Ann, who are also Instructors here in Michigan. I was so impressed with the information that was being given, I decided to become an EMT and take the instructor training as well, so I could help get this most valuable information out to more bikers. During our trip there were areas that we didn’t see a car on the road for 2 or more hours, what would we have done? Cell phone service, forget it. This is the reason I am so excited to have the opportunity to help make a difference.

I can be contacted by filling out the form online.

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