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Director’s Report – Accident Scene Management (ASM updates)

2014 – Vicki Sanfelipo

It seems like only yesterday that a few friends got together at my kitchen table in Wausau, WI to discuss teaching a class geared toward helping the average motorcyclist learn what to if a motorcycle crash were to occur. Slider Gilmore (with Anita and Frank) were brought to Wisconsin from Iowa by ABATE of Wisconsin to give a full day presentation called “Two Wheel Trauma” at the Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety. Now, 16 years later and through our grass roots efforts, I am proud to report that Accident Scene Management has trained well over 25,000 students, has 140 instructors in the 30 states of the USA and has expanded to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines. ASM has become the Leading Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization in the World and is the only accredited Bystander Program in the USA. Every month we share the results of the good work we are doing in our communities as we not only reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists but also become Good Samaritan’s in our communities. We are working with the State of Nevada (James Kimsey leading) and New York (Christine Firehock leading) to offer classes through community based colleges. We work with numerous motorcycle groups and Rider Education facilities to train Rider Coaches. We have also stepped up efforts to improve EMS response to motorcycle crashes by providing Motorcycle Specific Training.

What can you do to help us reach the 18 million motorcyclists in the USA who need training?

1. Talk to your friends about this important topic.

Just like learning to ride in a way to reduce risk of a crash occurring, this motorcycle specific training goes hand in hand with our end goal which is less fatalities. Our plan is not to crash but in the event things don’t go as planned, we have a plan in place for a proper response. Knowing this training exists and choosing not to get trained is not a good choice. Are you ready to help your friends if needed? Are they ready to help you? Join the conversation on our Facebook page and share with your friends.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Class

Classes and instructors are posted on our website at To coordinate a class for your group, please allow 2-3 months lead time. It’s not too early to book for early 2015. Are you qualified to serve your community (EMT/Combat Medic or higher in medical training and a motorcyclist)? Consider becoming an instructor. Our instructors are structured similar to American Heart. We train you and you work independently with our materials and guidance/assistance.

 3. Volunteer or Donate Today

As a nonprofit we have many needs if you have time.  See our How you can Help page for more information.

Many people keep this organization and our goals progressing. A special thank you to our major sponsors who have made our efforts possible through the years: Road Guardians (through membership), Allstate Insurance, Hupy & Abraham S.C. (WI-IL-IA), Hardison & Associates (N.C.), Randy Sevenish (IN), Celler Law (FL), MSF (NAMS), Wisconsin DOT

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