Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Don Enninga, B.S., EMT -I, Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Don Enninga

Don has been riding motorcycles since his teenage years when his dad bought him a Honda 90 Scrambler. He currently rides a 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate.  Don has taken the ABATE of Colorado advanced rider course twice and firmly believes in rider education as well as First Aid, CPR, and of course, Accident Scene Management courses.  Don has been a member of ABATE of Colorado since 2003 as a member of District One in northeast Colorado. He served as Northeast Regional Coordinator and Assistant State Coordinator for ABATE of Colorado.

Don is an EMT Intermediate and has been an EMT since 1980 in Colorado.  He served 30 years on Morgan County Ambulance Service as a volunteer and was the EMS Coordinator at Morgan Community College in Ft Morgan, CO for 22 years. Don has retired as a full-time EMS instructor, but due to his love to teach, he continues to teach Accident Scene Management courses, American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, and Basic Life Support courses via his business, DKE Enterprises. He finds having a more flexible schedule makes it easier to coordinate classes. Don’s association with Accident scene Management began in January 2008 as a Lead instructor.   Since then, he has taught numerous classes across Colorado and looks forward to teaching many more in the future. Don has earned his place as an instructor trainer.

Don says, “I believe all motorcyclists should have this training to know how to properly handle an injured motorcyclist and the accident scene”.

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