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Dr. Jim’s riding tips available on iTunes

Dr Jim

Irvine, Calif.: In another move intended to help make the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s safety tips and practical strategies even more accessible to riders, the MSF has released its first official educational app on iTunes for use with iPhones and iPads. Titled “Dr. Jim’s Riding Tips,” the app uses existing MSF self-paced safety lessons to help current motorcycle owners improve their riding skills, and is priced at $1.99 on iTunes.

The app features Dr. James Heideman – MSF’s director of licensing programs – and incorporates Heideman’s 10-video series, which is based on the MSF longstanding publication, “You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips.” It also allows motorcyclists to use their own motorcycles to practice basic maneuvering and braking techniques at low speeds in a practice riding area of their choosing. Additionally, the app shows the user how to properly prepare the practice area, set up the various paths of travel and conduct the drills.

“MSF’s goal with ‘Dr. Jim’s Riding Tips’ is two-fold: to make accessing and understanding these basic motorcycling practice drills as easy as possible, and to help riders prepare for their state’s licensing test,” said Heideman. “The only prerequisite skill necessary is the basic ability to ride a motorcycle. Naturally, this includes experience using the brakes, throttle, clutch and transmission. But the mobile app is designed so that anyone with real riding experience, and an iPhone or an iPad, can implement these MSF safety lessons at their own pace.”

Click here to see the app on iTunes.

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