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Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider Course

Seasonal Rider eCourse

iTunes Seasoned Rider eCourse


Available in iTunes – 15 modules for FREE from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

*Update Jan 2022– It appears the e course is no longer available via itunes, however we have linked a Youtube video below with more information about MSF’s collaboration with Dr. Ray

Course Description

In response to the continuing increase in the average age of motorcyclists (now 40 years of age), MSF has developed this course to help riders stay safe through all phases of their life.

All riders should understand that safe riding depends as much on the mental skills of awareness and judgment as it does on the physical skill of maneuvering the machine; in other words, respond early to possible hazards instead of having to react instantly to an emergency.  Aging affects mental and physical skills, and riders can compensate somewhat for the decline of both types of skills to extend their enjoyment of motorcycling into their twilight years.

  • Week 1.  Introduction:  How aging affects motorcycle riding
  • Week 2.  Compensating for the effects of aging
  • Week 3.  Ride Preparation
  • Week 4:  Riding Tips
  • Week 5:  Self-assessments

The course concludes with a self-assessment quiz to help you review the critical safety information on the effects of aging, riding preparation, and tips.

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