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Free Instructor Training Offered

Free Instructor Training offered to increase class availability

Many of you are aware that we gave away a very special motorcycle called the New Glory Flag Bike in a sweepstakes drawing. The event ended at “The Motorcycle Chase” in July in Cape Girardeau, MO, and was covered live on Cycle Source’s popular YouTube show. The motorcycle has a rich history and was on display at St Paul Harley Davidson. Owner Chris Hawver from Minnesota donated the bike which was won by Stephanie Wohlleben from Whitewater, WI. Congratulations to Stephanie!

Funds raised from the sweepstakes have been set aside and are being used exclusively to train new instructors in areas of the United States where we currently do not have instructors. Chris Hawver said, “I would like the funds raised to increase access to classes so more students can be trained”. To qualify for the free training, an instructor candidate has to:

  1. Be an EMT or higher in medical training
  2. Be in an area that is not currently being served by another instructor
  3. Must apply to become an instructor (application is on our website)
  4. Must agree to teach a class within 6 months of completing their instructor training.

So far, through this program, we have trained one instructor in Texas, two instructors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and one instructor in Nebraska. Our Myrtle Beach instructors just taught their first class to Bikers Against Child Abuse (sponsored by Lovely Law Firm) that received rave reviews! We are so excited to see the good that can be done. If you would like to see where instructors are needed and or apply to become an instructor, click here to see the map and click here to learn how to become an instructor.

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