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Helmet Removal and Jaw Thrust Rescue Breathing

Jaw thrust video

Many specifics of motorcycle trauma like jaw thrust rescue breathing, helmet removal, traffic control and moving the injured are not taught in First Aid and CPR. We teach classes all over the world on these things so that when you get to the scene of a motorcycle accident, you are prepared.

Helmet removal, jaw thrust, and moving the injured are all addressed in our refresher class. This class also helps to prepare students for the Advanced Class if some time has lapsed.  Click here to find out more about all of our classes.

One person helmet removal technique.


Jaw Thrust Rescue Breathing

In this video learn how to properly help someone who is not breathing at the scene of a motorcycle crash. Learn how to be mindful of head injury and internal bleeding injuries of a person who has been in a motorcycle crash with the jaw thrust technique to move their tongue and help them begin breathing again.



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