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January 2013 Newsletter: ASM Classes Scheduled at Sandy Hook Fire Dept in Newtown, CT.

December 14, 2012 will be etched in our memories forever. An unbelievable and indescribable act of horror as 20 children and 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As the students who had not been harmed left the school they were directed to go to Sandy Hook Fire Department where they would be safe. The people in this small quiet New England town could not have imagined that anything like this could possibly happen.

 In the wake of this horror we are challenged to consider – what would WE do? Sandy Hook Fire Department has been a favorite location of ASM classes taught by ASM Lead Instructor, Megan Posey who is the chief training officer for the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance. Megan has been asked to teach more classes to a community who has become increasingly aware of how important it is to be prepared. As motorcyclist we have an acute understanding of how important it is to be prepared in the event of a trauma but in reality, bystander assistance training is important for everyone! Are you prepared to help you friends or family if they need your assistance? Are they ready to help YOU?



Make a resolution to take a class or refresh your skills. If you don’t find a class in your area call 262-706-3278 and we will see what we can do to help you.


View Megan’s Instructor Bio Here!





View ASM Class Schedule by clicking here.


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