Karen “PRECIOUS” Shiminski, LVN – ASM Lead Instructor

Karen-ShiminskiKaren is a retired LVN of 40 + years with a passion for teaching, She spent most of her nursing career in the Home Health field, teaching and caring for the elderly and disabled. IKaren is a wife, the mother of 2 children, grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 1 amazing great granddaughter named Scarlet. Having no previous riding experience, Karen’s husband introduced her to motorcycle riding late in life. At age 50, she took the riding course and began riding a Suzuki 800. After a medical issue slowed her down she returned to riding and today rides a1996 Goldwing Trike named ”The Green Hornet”. She and her husband, “TEDEBEAR” are actively involved with the Hard Core Christian Riders motorcycle ministry in Magnolia Texas where he now serves as President while Karen serves as Secretary and Sergeant at Arms.

Karen says “As a motorcyclist, I am aware of the ever increasing accidents involving motorcycles and that the actions taken immediately following a crash greatly determine the outcome of the victim. Managing the scene and proper assistance before EMS arrival could mean the difference between life and death, or permanent damage. Doing the wrong procedures or making mistakes at the scene could have negative consequences when untrained bystanders get involved. This vital ASM life saving information needs to be brought to every motorcycle riding group, as well as independent riders as it could very well help save the life of someone near and dear to you.” To schedule a class fill out the online form. I look forward to setting up a class for you.

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