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Kevin Carpenter, AKA “Finger” – ASM Certified Instructor

Kevin CarpenterKevin has been a trucker/ rider for over 40 years. Ten years into his career as a trucker his employer sent him to an advanced driving school for truck drivers. The program was called “Decision Driving and Skid Abatement”. A short time later he went back to school to become a certified fleet instructor. Kevin trained and taught new drivers driving skills and company policies/ safe operation of company equipment.  It was at that time that Kevin’s interest in driver and fleet safety started. Kevin said, “I never had any formal training but I would read my fleet managers resource guides and fleet management guides whenever I could”. Kevin took pride in his training of others. Later he got more involved with the Milwaukee HOG Chapter as a Road Captain. In his second year, he was asked to become an Assistant Safety Officer for the chapter. Kevin has worked hard to promote ride safety within his chapter and enjoys sharing with others that have the same passion. He was involved with group riding classes, Road Captain training programs, working chapter rides, and other rides where his skills were needed. Kevin has written articles for his HOG chapter & Road Guardians newsletters. He has been a Life Member of the Harley Owners Group for almost 25 years, a member of the Milwaukee HOG Chapter, has served the chapter as Assistant Head Road Captain, Road Captain & Assistant Safety Officer. Kevin is a founding member of the Harley Davidson Museum  & is often referred to as the #3 Museum fan because of the amount of time he spends there. He is a Life Member of Road Guardians. Working on to be a Certified Member. A member of ABATE of Wisconsin. He volunteers with the Milwaukee Veterans Day parade & recently has become involved with the local Project 22 ride. Kevin says, “ I look forward to my step forward promoting & teaching Accident Scene Management classes and meeting others who have a passion for riding and safety.

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