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Life insurance concept. Cloud tags over blue background.At Road Guardians, we care about each and every one of you. It is our sincere hope that helping you be safer out there on the road will result in fewer instances of injuries and fatalities. The latest report from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) showed that numbers of motorcycle related injuries and fatalities have been dropping. We have been working on this since 1996 through Accident Scene Management Training for motorcyclists and Professional Rescuers. We have become the largest and most recognized Motorcycle Trauma Training organization in the world! As a Non-profit organization we see our mission as one of supporting our instructors as they reach out to their communities to teach. personalpropertyAs a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we rely on our partners and Road Guardian memberships to support our efforts. We ask for only $20/year from our members and then try to give that value back to you every chance we can. Are you able to help be part of our collective solution? Do all you can to avoid a crash but if that does not work, know how to properly respond.

One of our partners since 2010 is American Income Life Insurance Group. AIL has been a good partner, offering our members $3000.00 in free Accidental Death and Disability Insurance. AIL uses its advertising dollars to help organizations such as ours rather than spending money on billboards, TV ads, etc. Unfortunately 3 of our members have used the insurance.
Fortunately they had the insurance to help in a time of Have you considered what would happen if you were to suffer a loss such as a limb or what you would leave your family to deal with in the event something happened to you? How would you lessen the blow? My answer to that is “Through financial support”. The $3000.00 free benefit is a gift to help out but you may want to evaluate your situation and why not let the experts at AIL help you and give you a reasonable estimate of how much it would cost to have peace of mind?

Vicki Sanfelipo – co-founder of Road Guardians

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