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Organizations and Businesses that supporting ASM-USA and Our Mission to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities to Motorcyclists

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Motorcycle trauma and visibility supplies

Empire State
RevZilla  Sevenish

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Trauma Resources and Supplies

  • “Our goal in developing the Emergency Links Matter products is to provide an easy way to make emergency contact information available to first responders.
    Click here for educational resources and to learn about our company, products and services.”

Link to NHTSA’s State Traffic
Information with Crash Statistics
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Post-Trauma Support

Back In the Saddle Again

A book by Brenda Bates to help cycles ride again after a crash

RickyJames – Spinal Cord Injury info.

Ricky James, parapalegic, broke his back in motocross competition when 18 years old. He now offers help to other injured bikers as he has found a way to continue riding and spread hope & research information re: Spinal Cord injury. Rock on #824!




More Motorcycle Related Businesses and Organizations


Motorcycle Charities

Charity begins at home. It’s a wonderful thing that bikers are such a generous group of people that generosity has not always extended to themselves. While bikers suffer, millions of dollars are raised for charities that have nothing to do with bikers.

While this is noble, charity must begin at home, only then is extending it to others is truly noble.

Accident Scene Management

A 501(c)3 organization dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities to bikers through First Response Education


Laws, Legal & Insurance Information

  • Free DVD from Hupy & Abraham law firm explaining what kind of coverage motorcyclists should carry: Click here to e-mail a request. Don’t forget your name and address!
  • NEW: Be informed! Read the 2014 Motorcycle Insurance Reviews at

Good Samaritan Laws

Good Samaritan Laws were created to protect those who stop to assist those suffering from medical and traumatic injuries from legal consequences.

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