Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Lisa Radikoff, Paramedic – Lead Instructor

Lisa Radikoff PhotoLisa Says: “To make a long story and very rewarding career as short as possible, I started in EMS at the age of 16 as a cadet with a high school fire department  internship program and took off at full speed after that. Taking my paramedic and related firefighter and officer classes I became a paramedic at 18, and a fire officer at 21 in the area surrounding Washington DC. I worked in various emergency departments and trauma units in the region for a few years and in my early 20’s knew I needed more. From there, after 9/11, I joined the military and served a few years as a USNR hospital corpsman and then USARNG flight medic, a role in which I’m hoping to return to this year. To span my scope a bit I obtained my Hyperbaric Technologist certification to run chambers treating motorcycle, other trauma, PTSD soldiers, and a host of other medical

conditions back in 2008 for a private clinic. After finishing an AAS in Paramedicine, a BS Healthcare Administration, and starting an MPH, I jumped into the Paramedic to RN bridge as well. I began teaching all levels of pre-hospital EMS care in various systems when I relocated to Colorado almost ten years ago from the east coast and can definitely say that teaching is absolutely my favorite part of EMS after almost 20 years”.
Lisa is currently a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, and the Wind & Fire MC – Rocky Mountain chapter, She is always looking to make new two wheeled friends. Lisa and her bobber, “Shake” have been together for 9 great years and she says “We’re excited to be a part of ASM”. To contact Lisa for a class, fill out the form online.

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