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House of Harley Road CaptainsBy Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT
Group motorcycle rides can be fun and many close friendships are forged through shared experiences. For some people, a group-ride means that a few friends meet at a truck stop early morning and they don’t return home until it gets dark out. For others, the group’s Road Captains, Road Guards or event planners plan a group-ride. Regardless of how a group-ride shapes up, there is typically a person in the lead who knows the route and has agreed to lead the rest of the riders that day. That person may utilize a GPS or other directions they have printed out. There is often a person assigned to “sweep” or act as a “tail gunner” who brings up the rear of the group. It is that person’s responsibility to make sure no one is left behind and help out of there is a breakdown or if assistance is needed by anyone in the group. Some groups take that responsibility seriously and request that anyone acting as a rear sweep have medical training, supplies and tools needed to implement their training.  That person is typically given all route instructions in case they get left behind and need to catch up to the group. They also have phone numbers in case they need to call and let the group leader know why they are not with the group.

KMC Road Captains Most groups have no problem finding someone who wants to run the back of the pack but is that person really prepared to help if needed? You should take that position very seriously and consider having more than one person at the back of any group ride. Having a volunteer is one thing but is that person prepared to provide support if needed? Two groups of Road Captains that are shown in this article take their responsibilities very seriously. All Road Captains in these groups are required by their chapter to receive certification in Accident Scene Management (ASM) ASM training includes management of a scene, explanation of Good Samaritan Laws and Motorcycle First Aid. In addition, CPR and Rider Education are recommended for those in a position of leadership and support to their groups. I call those Road Captains the cream of the crop. They stand out to me as people who truly w
ant to serve their groups and meet that group’s expectations. Kudos guys and gals for doing a job well done! Has your group been trained? Is your own training appropriate and adequate? Have your members been offered training and access to the supplies needed to react properly? To schedule a class for your group, contact us at: Recommended supplies for motorcyclists to carry can be found in our store at: Trauma and First Aid Products

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