Stay ALIVE with First Response!


AApparel – learn how wearing certain items can affect both comfort and reduce injuries in the event a crash occurs. Be prepared and be educated!
L– Laws *Know the laws in the state you are riding. 50 States = 50 sets of laws!
I– Impaired Riding (or should we call it Anti-Impaired Riding) – impairment may mean the operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol but it could also be the result of becoming sleepy, distracted or more. 
V– Visibility * We often think of this as the responsibility of motorists to be aware of the motorcyclist but we help the motorcyclists be visible to the car driver!
E– Education *Continuing to learn all you can about riding and taking Rider Education classes increases your ability and confidence. Be a Better Biker!!!!   


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*First Response Training for all motorcyclists significantly increases the chance that in the event you need help, someone will be there to give you a hand. 


If our goal is to achieve zero fatalities then we need to open our minds to a larger concept. It will take addressing all Six Areas of Motorcycle Safety to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists! Road Guardians challenges you to make a commitment to yourselves and your riding buddies to be “better” and to never be satisfied with where you are at. Look for ways to improve!  Click on the Safety Resource you want to learn more about by choosing a topic button below and start a discussion today!


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