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NEW – Virtual Hands-on certification

Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs

It Has Affected Everyone

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe many of us are wondering if we have lost our human connection! It has been a hard adjustment to consider options other than getting together in groups. For most motorcyclists, it’s what we do! Any opportunity to get together and talk about what we ride, where we ride, when we ride, and recount our exciting adventures is so much fun. Many of us long for the day when we can return the freedom of hanging out with like-minded individuals.

Our organization, ASM/Road Guardians, has taken a look at how we do business as we have been waiting for opportunities to get together in groups again. Since 1996 we have been teaching people and have a nagging question that keeps surfacing. People ask us, “How can we take a class when we don’t have an instructor in our area”? Typically, the answer has been to bring an instructor in which requires travel, lodging, and often time off of work for our instructors.

Virtual Learning

As we (ASM) watched many other educational institutions switch to virtual learning we considered how we could certify students this way. An important part of our training has been for an instructor to guide students through Hands-On activities. This is an important differentiator that sets us apart from other lectures or just reading a book. Demonstrations and then having someone actually try a skill are essential to evaluating the ability of a person being able to perform a skill but it also helps cement the information into a person’s memory.

We needed to find a solution

We have had many discussions among ASM instructors about whether or not we should allow virtual Hands-On training. I want to make it clear to you that we still believe that learning the Hands-On skills in-person is much more valuable than virtual Hands-On, however, virtual Hands-On is also much better than no Hands-On! It is for that reason that we have worked on guidelines for virtual Hands-On classes, so that our online training that is already in place can lead to the completion of certification for students. In person learning is still an option in most cases. We, as an organization, are excited about how this will open up opportunities for students to be trained all over the world. If you would like to know more, choose from one of the options below:

Learn more about Virtual class
Host a class (includes virtual)
Sign up for a class that is on the schedule
Find an instructor

2020 has created an environment that has stretched many of us to rethink the way we do business. It does not mean that our business is not important! Saving lives, it’s what we do.

Happy Holidays!!!

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