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RG membership update, 5 new instructors, 5 deer facts, 1st crash – Accident where they completed the Accident Scene Management Training class in Spring 2017, When the leaves are changing, deer are more active and 5 new instructors

Stay Cool, Buddy Belts, Biker Helped – ASM Training Helps Crash Victims, Keeping Bikers Cool, Buddy Belts for Motorcycle Passengers and Successful Road Guardian River Road Fundraiser

Best Memory Contest, Urgent-River Road event info, ASM students help injured rider – Motorcyclists were Prepared for the Unexpected, River Road Fundraiser Coming up in July, Show us YOUR favorite Road Memory – and Win Cash!

#GivingTuesday Donations Help Save Lives. See some powerful stories

Free AD&D Insurance, RGRRR, Lone Star Rally, Crash Victim Helped – When a loved one crashes right in front of you, Lonestar Rally Galveston, TX, Free Insurance for Road Guardian Members, River Road Rally in Galena Illinois

Follow Vicki on the Cannonball Run, Rider Magazine Highlights New Jersey ASM, Milwaukee Rally Ride – Women Ride at Milwaukee Rally, Proceeds Benefit Milwaukee Police Department, Rider Magazine Highlights ASM in New Jersey, Cannonball Run, Road Guardian Member Savings

Beat the heat, Motorcyclist vs Deer, ASM Singapore, RRFR-save $ and Sturgis – ASM Training Makes a Global Impact Welcome Accident Scene Management-Singapore, Beat the Heat While Riding, River Run a Success and It’s Open Season on Motorcyclists!

Semi Blind Spots, Chance to Win Custom Slingshot, Confidence or Arrogance, RRFR, Injured Scooter Rider Helped – Chance to win a custom Slingshot from Allstate, ASM training paid off to help with injured scooter, Do you know where the blind spots are on a semi if you are in a motorcycle and our Road Guardians Annual River Road Fundraiser signup is going on now!

Mississippi River Ride, Hearing Protection, Motorcycle Awareness Month, Motorcycle First Aid Kit – Motorcyclists need special things in their first aid kit, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Wisconsin, Motorcyclists need ear protection while riding, and rooms release for River Road Fundraiser in only one month.

Go Pro Giveaway, Safety on the Shoulder, Idaho ASM Skills Used, and Communicating with Legislators – Tips for pulling over on the shoulder while riding, ASM skills used on Iron Butt Ride, Communicating with Legilators, Go Pro Hero4 Session Camera Give-Away, Road Guardian Membership Discounts

Bikers’ lives matter, ASM student uses skills learned in Sandy Hook, CT to help in Manhattan crash,  AMA guide – Bikers Lives Matter but another problem we face as bikers: prolonged response times to medical and trauma emergencies, Motorcycle Crash , ASM student uses skills learned in Sandy Hook, CT to help in Manhattan crash, Road Guardian’s Annual River Road Fundraiser.

Saving one life saved three! Giving Tuesday helps motorcyclists – Twinkletoes, Giving Tuesday and ways you can help Road Guardians achieve less Fatalities in 2016!

Trucker helps Biker, Free Windchill Chart, Meeting Expectations – Trucker helps Biker, Quick Tips for Fall Riding by Melissa Juranitch, Meeting Expectations, New Instructors, American Income Life Benefit for Road Guardian Members

Biker Down, Tips for New Riders, Female Riders, Group Riding Tips – Biker Down, The Safe Course: 7 Defensive Driving Tactics For New Motorcyclists, Harley Davidson Study on Women & Motorcycles, Group Riding: 17 Tips To Ensure Everyone Has a Safe Trip

Motorcycle Crash Technology, ASM Trendsetters, Turn One & more! – Down but Not Out, Motorcycle Crash Technology, ASM Trendsetters, 2015 River Road Fundraiser

Tips for New and Old Riders, New Road Guardian Benefits and Resources, and More – TIPS for the New and not so new rider, ASM Certified Instructors Help Their Communities, Travel Set Go – New Road Guardians Benefit, River Road Fundraiser, New Discussion Resource at RoadGuardians.org

Motorcycle Resources on Riding in the Rain, Group Rides, Seasoned Riders and more! – Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider Course, Safer Group Rides, What are you waiting for? Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Rain

Treating Trauma with Tourniquets, Spring Tune Up and More – Treating Trauma with Tourniquets, New Website Design, New ASM Instructors, Spring Tune-up, Times Three

Good Samaritans Bikers, Cold weather Riding, Road Guardians Radio and More – ASM training made Good Samaritans out of Bikers, Staying Warm in Cold Weather, Road Hawgs Radio, ASM Instructors teach classes and more!!!

YOU Can Help Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities on Giving Tuesday! – GivingTuesday, Stories from Road Guardians, Cannonball Crash, Leading the Way in 2015

ASM Skills Used, New Instructors Trained and Motorcycle Storage Tips – ASM student uses information one week after training, Planning for winter ASM classes/new instructors (CA, IL, NJ, TN, Virginia), Winterize Your Motorcycle

Cannonball Run, Fall Trainings and More – Cannonball Run, Testimonial, DIY – Motorcycle Front End Maintenance, Fall Instructor and Motorcycle Safety Classes, Brake Gear, Road Guardian Member Savings

New – DIY series, Instructor classes added, H&A Watch campaign & more… – ASM Training Used, DIY Series, Are Public Awareness Campaigns Effective? Thanks To Those Who Came Out For The River Road Fundraiser, New Instructor Classes

Implementing PACT, How (and why) to Practice Braking and a Note from Vicki – ASM Training Used, Motorcycle Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Part 3: How (and why) to Practice, Director’s Report – Accident Scene Management (ASM Updates), Road Guardian Member Savings

ASM’s River Road Fundraiser

Braking Technique, Overacheivers ASM Instructors, River Road Fundraiser and More – Get Your Rooms Reserved Now for the River Road Fundraiser, ASM Certified instructors are in one word “Overacheivers”, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, Motorcycle Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Part 2, Thanks ASM for putting the information out there!

Motorcycle Braking Errors, Florida Training, River Road Fundraiser and More –

Motorcycle Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Celler Law pays $50/student and more to get Bikers trained in FLORIDA, Sign Up Now for Our Road Guardian’s 14th Annual River Road Fundraiser, Once again our training came in handy, too close this time!

Hoka Hey Part 4, Road Hog: $1 Million Motorcycle, Instructor Trainings and more – Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 – Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 3, Are you prepared to help a friend? Are they ready to help you? Hairline Fracture, Road Hog: $1 Million Motorcycle Coming Soon

Hoka Hey Part 3, Resources, Instructor Trainings and more – Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 – Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 3, Morotcycle Resources at RoadGuardians.org, Did you know that 1/3 of our students use the information they learned within 3 years of taking the class? Get Involved this Year with an ASM Class

Help us Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities to Zero in 2014 – Help us Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities to Zero in 2014, RIP Nate Starbuck – Road Guardian Member, Road Guardian Member Savings, ASM Class Schedule

Army trains ASM Instructors, ASM training used at motorcycle crash, 2014 projects to advance Best Practice and Road Guardian member and Hoka Hey rider part 1 – Motorcycle Bystander Assistance Training Conducted for the Army, Are you a paramedic?  No, just a trained bystander, New Offers from SmartSavings, Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 1, New Trend: Text 911!

Exciting New Video with Pat and Cris Simmons, Ohio Chapter Uses ASM Training and More – Pat & Cris Simmons (Doobie Brothers) Promote Motorcycle Safety, Ohio 2013 Mishap – ASM Skills Used, Follow Accident Scene Management on Facebook!

Road Guardians Will Close After Industry Party Next Thursday – Industry Party, Six = Zero, Video from Sturgis

Road Guardian Industry Party

July 2013 – Industry Party coming up, River Road Fundraiser a Success

Motorcycle Awareness Month – May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, Ride Safe to Ride Again, Protect Your Privacy From Event Data Recorders

April 2013 Newsletter: How to Commute on a Motorcycle in Safety and Style

February 2013 – Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 – Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 3, Morotcycle Resources at RoadGuardians.org, ASM Rider: I am so glad we were prepared, Get Involved with Road Guardians

January 2013– Featured Instructor Trainer Colleen Vetere, Road Guardian Member Savings, ASM Classes Scheduled at Sandy Hook Fire Dept in Newtown, CT., Health & Wellness Corner, Distracted Driving and its Impact on Motorcyclists,

December 2012 – Happy Holidays from Road Guardians, FREE app for smartphones that can be used in the event of a crash, I ride for those who can’t and Harley Davidson’s 110th celebration in Milwaukee

November 2012 – Featured Instructor: Debbie Parinello, Testimonial, Biker Chad’s Corner – Understanding Ethanol-Related Fuel Problems Part 2

September 2012 – Director’s Report – ASM Testimonial, ASM Office Update and
Biker Chad’s Corner – Understanding Ethanol-Related Fuel Problems

August 2012
 – Tips to Avoid Dehydration While Motorcycling, More Sound, More Power, Less Money Part 3 and iGive

July 2012
 – ASM Adds Hawaii, Biker Chad’s Corner: More Power, More Sound, Less Money Part II,
RG Member Savings, iGive, Website Features

June 2012
 – Women in Motion 2012: Woods and Waters Tour, Biker Chad’s Corner: More Power, More Sound, Less Money, RG Member Savings, Student Testimonial, Funny Photo

May 2012
 – Featured Instructor: Chad Garcia, Biker Chad’s Corner, Newsletter Survey Winner, RG Member Discounts

April 2012 – Director’s Report: Road Guardians make an Impact at Daytona Bike Week, Be Prepared, Biker Chad’s Corner: The Low Down on LED Lights, Road Guardian’s Member Benefits

February 2012 – Maintenance of the Bike and the Biker, MC Trauma Best Practice, Biker Chad’s Corner: The Low Down On L.E.D. Lights and RG Member Benefits

January 2012 – January 2012 News: The Director’s Report, Biker Chad’s Corner: Running Hot Part III, Road Guardian’s Member Benefits

December 2011 – A Biker Community – what is that? Featured Member, John Burgess, Certified Road Guardian, ASM Trains 5 New Instructors, Biker Chad’s Corner: Running Hot Part II

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