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November 2012 Newsletter: Director’s Report

Director’s Report
by Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT
Executive Director ASM/Road Guardians

I’ll never forget the words of my inspiration “Slider” Gilmore who was the first person I met who addressed what to do at the scene of a motorcycle trauma. “The more people we get trained the better off we will all be”. Accident Scene Management Training is something we should all do for each other. With 7 Million motorcyclists in the USA, the key to offering more classes is to train more instructors.

Last weekend 3 new instructors were trained, Sylvia and Bruce Haroldson in Minnesota and Greg Zindler in Texas. We also trained two of our seasoned instructors to become Instructor Trainers. Congratulations to Colleen Vetere, RN – Colorado and Debbie Parinello, Paramedic – Michigan.

If you are interested in teaching or finding an instructor visit us at Whether your interest is hosting a class or taking a class, information can be found at: or Our website is full of useful information thanks to our Road Guardian Members who support our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists.