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November 2012 Newsletter: Featured Instructor Debbie Parinello

The last year has been a very busy and interesting year for me; I have had some huge opportunities that have come my way. They were all a direct result of doing the International Cycle Show. If you are able, this could net you some great rewards on getting the ASM message out.

2010 is really when it all began, when I was approached by a member of the Michigan Governors Board Motorcycle Safety Action Team. He chose me because of my EMS background and being an ASM Instructor. He invited me to come to a meeting in Lansing, which I did, and shortly after was accepted as member myself. The group asked me to do a seminar last fall about ASM, including what it was all about. It went over great and was well-received by all the members. From there I was asked to do a seminar at the 2012 Michigan Traffic Safety Summit, which was an amazing chance to get the message out to many police officers and EMS personnel. The hands-on approach was something that they never had at these summits and was appreciated by all.


I was then  invited to The Michigan Traffic Enforcement Training Conference on September 11, 2012 in Lansing, Michigan for nearly 300 officers, and another on September 18 in Marquette, Michigan for around a 100 officers and some EMS. I did a one hour seminar, and then did hands-on stations for about 5 hours in the afternoon. It was great, as were the reviews. While I was in Marquette, I was again told by EMS that had been working in EMS for 22 years that they have never had any training like it, and they would really like me to come out to the State EMS Expo to train more people about what we teach. I am really looking forward to seeing where this path takes me next.

Bottom line – wear your ASM shirt, put your EMS logo or what ever your level of education patch at every motorcycle related event you attend. Take advantage of motorcycle shows, swaps, and rallies. Also, motorcycle shops are always happy to put out flyers for you. Many motorcycle groups have websites that will list your info, so all new members have access to your info, as well.

Debbie Parinello EMT-P Lead Instructor- Michigan

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