Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

November 2012 Newsletter: Testimonial


Almost one year ago, my wife Pat and I took an ASM class in Black River Falls, WI. Well, we got our chance to put our skills to use Sunday evening. We were on the last leg of a 250+ mile day trip with friends and had come around a corner to find a handful of people standing around someone lying face down in a pool of blood on the paved road shoulder of the road. This gentleman was riding a bicycle and had crashed hard onto the pavement. All of the people at the scene were just standing there looking at the victim; nobody had done anything except call 911.

We all got off our bikes and took control of the situation. (We also had a First Responder riding with us.) We had people attending to unconscious victim, others getting needed supplies from our saddle bags, and others directing traffic and keeping the scene safe. Our training immediately came back to us and we were confident in our actions. The man did regain consciousness and was further attended to by EMS when they arrived.

Thank you for teaching us the simple skills that truly can make a difference.

Jon Sonnenberg