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ARMY trains medics to be ASM Certified Instructors
September 6-9,2013 Fort Bliss El Paso, Texas – 12 Army Medics were trained as ASM instructors and will be charged with training every motorcycling soldier at Fort Bliss regarding the specifics of motorcycle trauma care. Because our training is similar to Armed Forces Medical Training with limited supplies and a focus on saving a person’s life, the training fits perfectly with what they already know.  Colleen Vetere, ASM instructor Trainer from Denver Colorado had a natural connection to the Fort Bliss group since she is a veteran herself.  She and her husband, Jimmy Barham spent 4 days completing training which included a Basic and Advanced class.

ASM Training is making an IMPACT on motorcycling. What started out as a simple attempt to get those around me trained in the event something might happen to me; ASM has now grown to be the International Leading organization in Motorcycle Trauma Training! It is the only organized accredited program in the United States. Australia launched its own (though connected) Accident Scene Management Australia Program several years ago and has now expanded to New Zealand. They are working with Singapore to expand to that area as well. Back in the US we now have instructors in 29 states and will be adding Oklahoma and Wyoming as well as Canada and South Africa in October.  Our structure is similar to the American Heart Association as it relates to CPR. As an organization we continue to work toward better protocols and we oversee the business end of things so that our instructors can do what they do best – TEACH!

Ohio 2013 Mishap – ASM Skills Used
We had a picnic ride with another Chapter that we do every year. Some bad weather was forecasted to come in and by Kickstands up time it was cloudy but just starting to rain. The group left, as scheduled, for the back roads route to the picnic site which was about a 60 minute ride. The rain started coming down pretty hard and one of our riders took a 90 degree curve a bit wide. When he came out of the turn, the bike came back too far and off the berm of the road he went. The grassy slope was on a pretty steep incline and out in front of him were some big trees. He tried to avoid hitting the trees by laying the bike down. When he did, the foot pegs dug in, flipping him and his bike. He landed on his head and shoulder but luckily the bike missed landing on him. We had 6 people on this ride who had been through ASM training and 4 of them had also been through the Advanced ASM class so our guys got to him quickly. They had several people control traffic at the scene and even sent one person up to the top of the hill and a sharp curve to control the blind traffic. The other 4 took care of the rider, assessing his injuries and keeping him warm and dry from the rain. Click here to continue reading. 

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Pat & Cris Simmons (Doobie Brothers) Promote Motorcycle Safety
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Reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through education & more!  

Accident Scene Management, Inc. (ASM), the world leader in motorcycle trauma first response has partnered with avid long time motorcyclists Pat & Cris Simmons to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) designed to encourage motorcyclists to support motorcycle safety efforts geared toward zero fatalities! The message is simple and encourages all riders to join our effort to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. As a community of riders it is in our best interest to do all we can to not only prevent a crash from happening in the first place but to have and implement a plan for how we react in the event a crash occurs. Pat & Cris worked with Buffalo Chip in Sturgis to produce an announcement that can be used at major rally sites as well as online magazines and newsletters. Pat (from the Doobie Brothers) said “we all need to get involved so we don’t have to hear about losing one more friend or loved one”. When Cris was asked if she would participate she said “of course, even if it helps just one person it will be worth it”.  Click here to continue reading.

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