Patricia “Chris” Miles, RN CNOR – Lead Instructor

I am 53 yrs young and as some would say a “Probie” or “New Kid” as I came late to riding. As an RN for 29 years working in ICU, ER, & Operating Rooms around California &Washington, motorcyclists were known as ‘Donor cycles”. So it was with much trepidation I made the decision to learn to ride when I relocated to an area that made it a financial benefit. I failed my first MSF class (from fear) but had a motorcycle waiting for me in my garage (my Baby Girl an’06 Heritage Softail). Needless to say a learner’s permit, 5 hour riding class, and another skill test later I was an official licensed motorcyclists! And I haven’t looked back! My only regret is that in starting so late I have missed tons of riding opportunities. I now have 3 yrs & change of riding under my belt (61,000 mi) and look forward to riding everyday. I am taking a more active role by membership in American Motorcycling Assoc., my National HOG org. as well as my local HOG & LOH chapter’s (Puget Sound). I am also renewing my ACLS certification. I have spent 15+ years as a preceptor teaching students how to function and think in critical settings. I was introduced to ASM @ the Women’s Conference in Keystone, CO. summer 2009 (absolutely awe inspiring) I was excited to learn how to incorporate this teaching skill into my Love of Riding. One of my sayings is: Knowledge is a free gift and we can never receive enough gifts. So Take it and Ruuun with it !!! For a Class in the NorthWest Region, Contact Chris online.

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