Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Pee-Larr Handley AKA PK – ASM Certified Instructor

Pee Lar PK Handley

Pee Lar PK HandleyPee-Larr Handley, AKA “PK” or Roadblock, is a former member of 820 Red Horse Squadron USAF who was tasked with teaching “Self-aid and Buddy care” Basic first responder training to his entire unit and he headed up the triage team.  He is the President of a Non-profit motorcycle safety group called MATTRS (Motorcycle Awareness and Training for Traffic and Rider Safety). They provide seminars for Cold and Warm weather riding, as well as hosting riding and safety seminars and classes.  Pee-Larr is a member of the Nevada Department of Transportation.

He has been on a motorcycle since before he could walk! His Dad liked to bungee-cord Pee-Larr to him and would sit him on the motorcycle tank. He has been operating a motorcycle since 1975, the first 8 years of which was on dirt. Pee-Larr says, “I have been in multiple situations where I was the first trained person on the scene of a motorcycle accident. One of the crashes was a multiple bike accident and I was fortunate to have 2 other ASM trained riders with me!  Accident Scene Management is vital!  Ride safe and take care of each other!” To contact Pee-Larr for a class CLICK HERE

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