Blended Learning (BL): This class will satisfy Part One of the blended learning “Basic” class: A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist. This class will provide valuable information to you whether you are taking the class for basic knowledge or completing a hands-on class to complete your certification. We realize that hands-on classes are not always available so having a way to get some basic knowledge is great though completing hands-on is obviously the best scenario.

In order to be certified, receive a patch and official certification with 6 Continuing Education Credits you will need to complete this 2.0-hour online study class prior to completing a 3.5-hour hands-on class taught by an ASM certified instructor. This class is best taken close to your hands-on class, however, you are allowed 6 months between completing this online course and taking your hands on. You are expected to download the PDF of the book so you can do a quick review prior to your hands-on BL Part 2.

If you are looking to become fully certified, you will need to sign up for your BL 200 series Part Two (if you have not done so already). You will also need to print the certificate of completion after completion of this online class and present it to your instructor or be able to show it to them on your phone.  To find classes CLICK HERE

Questions? Email or call 262-706-3278

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