Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Riders Went Down

riders2Just wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know how glad many of us were that we took the Accident Scene Management course with you last spring.

This past weekend one of our riders went down on Route 17 in Vermont. He was able to get up and get his bike going and said that he was fine. (You know guys-they want to shake it off and keep going.) A little while later, it turned out that he began not feeling well. When we stopped and he got off his bike, he had a bleeding leg under his chaps, as well as a nasty bruise on his head. We also saw that he was white as a ghost. Because we took your class, we recognized that he was going into shock. The members worked together very fluidly to lay him down, support his head and neck, elevate his feet, do a compression bandage on the leg and keep him warm until it was determined that he could go to a hospital and was now not in shock anymore.

You would have been so proud of your students. They each pulled out their first aid kits and, without much discussion, each attended to the situation in different and complimenting ways. Some bandaged, some did ice, some kept him warm and supported, some moved his bike, some attended to his Full Member to help her stay hydrated and calm, one went to the gas station to fill her bike so she could follow to the hospital, some found out where the closest hospital was and how to get there. Each person did a role and it all came together well.

Our rider is ok. He is home now, with a nasty cut on the front of his leg, with lots of swelling and he has to keep it elevated. He has some neck and head issues that his personal physician will address this week. His bike is toast. But, overall, he is doing ok. It could have been so much worse.

One of the things that was said many times that night was how glad we were that we had taken your class and also how proud you would have been to see everyone take charge of the situation with the skills that you taught us.

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