Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Robert “Bob” Barcomb, Lt. / EMT-I with PHTLS – Lead Instructor/ Instructor Trainer

Robert Barcomb

I started my fire service career in 1989 after growing up around the local fire department (born and raised in Southampton, MA). I have simultaneously served on as many as three Fire Departments that also provide ambulance service. I have worked with Paramedics as a basic EMT as well as, and mostly as an Intermediate. I worked my way from FF to training officer to Chief on the town’s call department. I have earned at least one certification a year throughout my career and continue at that pace. Currently, I am a shift officer (Lt.) at the 104 FW Air National Guard Base in Westfield, MA; I started there in 1994. I have also served with both the Army Reserve and Air National Guard.

I started riding dirt bikes as a kid and transition to street bikes several years out of high school. My first was a 1985 Honda Interceptor. Then graduated to an H-D Sporty; now I ride a 2002 H-D Fatboy.

I think adding ASM instruction will be an interesting fulfilling new direction. You can contact me by filling out the form online.


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