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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

September 2012 Newsletter: ASM Office Update

Welcome to Lori Jo! She will be joining our team starting this week to provide ongoing support to our instructors and students. Biker Chad will continue to work with our Road Guardian Program and will focus more fully on serving the motorcycle community in our garage as well as writing tech articles for our Road Guardians Newsletter and the many other magazines he writes for. Our top notch team is always interested in how we can serve you better.

To welcome Lori Jo or make suggestions write to: lorijo@roadguardians.org

To ask Tech questions or ask about Road Guardians Membership write to: bikerchad@roadguardians.org

To make suggestions regarding the website write to: andrea@roadguardians.org

To become an ASM instructor or partner write to: vicki@roadguardians.org